Pre Wheeling Event Vehicle Inspection
For MNLR wheeling off road events, safety of club members, their families and the general public is of primary concern. To ensure vehicles attending any MNLR wheeling off road event are safe and capable of attempting tough terrain, at the beginning of each event, all vehicles will be checked to ensure they meet the following requirements:

Compulsory Requirements
Outside of vehicle
The vehicle must be equipped with bolted on tow points on the front and rear of the vehicle.
All lights and horn must be working.
Steering box and all joints should be tight and free of leaks.
Gas tank and associated fuel pipes must be secured and free from leaks.
All Brakes including parking brake should function fully.
The muffler should not leak and should comply with DNR noise level requirements.
All wheel nuts must be present and tight, with a spare tire and tools to change wheel with the vehicle.
Any equipment carried with the vehicle should be securely tied down
All door handles should open from the outside.

Inside of vehicle
The vehicle must be fitted with seatbelts which must be worn by all persons in the vehicle, while the vehicle is in motion.
A roll bar must be fitted to any vehicle that does not have a metal roof.
The battery must be secured and not move
A fire extinguisher must be located within easy reach of the driver and be securely mounted
A first aid kit must be carried and be easy to access in an emergency
2 x Clevis pins, minimum 3/4 inch with screw type pin must be carried.

10,000 lb tow strap in good condition with no hooks
CB Radio or cellphone

Optional Equipment
A winch with 100 feet of cable
High Lift jack and accessories
A selection of tools to fix vehicle
Tire inflator
Spare fluids such as engine oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid and coolant.